Chapter 1: Ubiquitous Supernatural Powers of the Exalted Buddha at Trayastrimsa Heaven
Chapter 2: The Assembly of the Transformations of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva
Chapter 3:   Observations of Retribution of Human Beings Resulting from Previous Karmas
Chapter 4: Evil Actions and Retributions of Human Beings of the Samsara World
Chapter 5: The Names of Different Kinds of Hells
Chapter 6: Shakyamuni Buddha Praising Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva
Chapter 7: Benefiting the Living and the Dead
Chapter 8: Appreciation of Emperor Yama and His Followers
— The Ruler of Yamadevaloka and Judge of the Dead

Chapter 9: The Chanting of the Buddha's Name
Chapter 10:  The Comparison of Merits for Alms-giving
Chapter 11: Earthly Spirits Protecting the Dharma
Chapter 12: The Benefit through Sight and Hearing
Chapter 13: Shakyamuni Buddha's Instruction to Human Beings and Devas



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